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Hungarian customer place an U track keel roll forming machine from Zhongtuo

2020-10-05 16:01:47

On January 7, 2020, we received a deposit from a Hungarian customer who customized a U track keel roll forming machine with a production speed of up to 30 meters per minute.
But because of the virus, our factory has been closed and has not started production.
In the beginning of March, our northern China has firmly controlled the virus and we also started production.

We first placed the U track keel roll forming machine in Hungary first.

We cannot let our customers be disappointed with the speed of our production.

After 45 days of production, we have perfectly completed the customized machine.

However, in the subsequent tests, we found that the position of the punching hole was not aligned, and the length error of the production was about 10 mm, and we immediately began to adjust.

After 1 day, we adjusted the machine to be able to produce quickly and without errors.

However, our customer request that we use the correct width of raw materials for testing. Because many steel coil suppliers did not resume production during the epidemic, we can only use our own slitting machine to cut suitable steel coils for customers.

After another 1 day, after our test, we took a photo of the finished product measurement and sent it to the customer.

Our customer was very satisfied with the efforts we made. Although it was 3 days late, the customer still gave us great recognition.

After the machine reaches the customer's factory, I believe it will create more value for our customers.

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