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How to ensure work safety of your roofing sheet roll forming machine


When you get your Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine, no matter how much you cost for it, you would like it to work as safe as possible, right

To do so, you need to follow the rules below:

1. The operator cannot operate and equipment unless he is well trained and qualified.

2. The operator must understand the machine’s working performance and how to use it safely. Pay attention to daily maintenance to keep the equipment in good condition for a long time and prolong its service life.

3. Perform a comprehensive inspection of the equipment and fill it with oil (fat) as required to ensure that the equipment is well lubricated and runs smoothly.

4. Test the machine before work to check whether all parts can run normally. It is best to wipe the forming rollers with engine oil.

5. Operator needs to wear gloves to avoid scratching their fingers while working.

6. A 1.5-meter-wide working area line needs to be drawn on both sides of the equipment. non-staffs are prohibited from entering, so as to ensure stable work and protect from potential danger.

7. Do not roll over thick sheets or sheets with hard scars, slag inclusions, welds and other defects, so as not to damage the Roll Forming Machine.

8. If there is any abnormal noise during operation, stop the machine immediately for inspection and resume when it is processed normally.

9. Motor should be stopped while roll forming machine is adjusted, so as to avoid accidents. When adjusting the gap between the upper and lower rollers, a standard thickness gauge (gauge) should be used. Do not use a knife, steel plate, or other rough surface for replacement.

10. After use, cut off the main power. It is best to coat the forming rollers with oil and cover them with plastic film to prevent rust or other debris from falling into it.

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